Meet the Demo Team... we were introduced to this band by one of our all time fave music wonders, Ali Helnwein (composer of our f/w2010 film directed by his sis' Mercedes Helnwein)... well, if he wasn't busy enough with film projects and other orchestral projects he is in yet another euphonic group w/ some all around rad guys making noise for the love of sound and the love of you. Right here out of Los Angeles and straight into your hearts...

They are raising some funds here on kickstarter --- feeling altruistic??? You should. The guys are good and the music is better!  Here's something lifted off of their facebook fanpage

Demo Team come on guys! look at it as buying an advance copy of the record.

Demo Team is raising funds for DEMO TEAM - TRIMURTI on Kickstarter! A new album entitled "Trimurti" exhibits influences ranging from baroque classical to organic electronic to spoken word, etc.

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