AI FOR AI 1st Show - in the LA TIMES!

L.A. Fashion Collective celebrates local talent 

March 25, 2010 |  3:48 pm

While downtown “fashion week” festivities have commenced, a few events still linger on the Westside, showcasing local designers in nontraditional venues and presentations.

The L.A. Fashion Collective highlighted four contemporary collections at a crowded cocktail party Wednesday night. Looks from the fall/winter 2010 lines of Dolan, Barlow, Jane Oh and Ai for Ai were on display at Bond St. inside the Thompson Hotel. Two models donned one ensemble for about five minutes then changed into another designer’s clothing, giving ample time to take in the black cocktail dresses and slouchy fleece pants, but difficult to see everything in a timely manner. But the party seemed to be more about support than actually seeing the clothes. Guests at the event were a mix of fashion folk and friends and fans of the designers who excitedly snapped pictures and seemed genuinely thrilled for their moment.

And from the clothing I did see, Ai for Ai shined as an interesting collection of fluid and modern separates with a slight goth undertone. Think "Twilight," grown up and much more girly.

-- Melissa Magsaysay

Photos: A look from Dolan, left, sisters and Ai for Ai designers Carol and Elizabeth Ai with models wearing looks from their line and a look from Barlow. Credit: L.A. Fashion Collective




Photo: Rylan Perry
Model: CC Sheffield
Style: Nina Tahash
Make-up/Hair: Heather Cvar


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