Thirst For The Thirty First

space dance

 It's that time of year again, yes, our favorite holiday! Especially because we love dressing up every which way! Here are some photos that have inspired our costumes. Happy Trick or Treating!!



We are daydreaming about marvelous city environments as we gear up for our trip overseas. Inspiration is everywhere, even in our own backyard...

The 5 W's come to mind;

Spain, Antoni Gaud, Casa dels Ossos
Dubai, James Law, IPad (in progress)
Japan, Yasuhiro Yamashita, Reflection of Mineral
Korea, Miso Cho & Kisu Park, Ann Demeulemeester store
USA, Echo Park, CA, our playground


SPRING 2010 - here we come!

We've been wildly chugging along but have not forgotten that we need to start posting about what's been keepin' us chugging.

Thanks to our incredible team:
Photo: Claire Weiss www.day19.com
Photo Assistant: Jake Michaels
Model: Kayte S. www.wilhelmina.com
Styling: Jessica Loria & Kelly Williams www.jessicaandkelly.com
Make-up & Hair: Eliven Quiros

Spring 2010 is about our beloved city: sunshine, blue skies, asphalt and the tough lines that make Los Angeles. Here's a sampling of what's to come...

FALL 2010 Inspiration

yes, a heart rate monitor. a pulse. a machine. a beat. consistently inconsistent.

what keeps you going? what makes your heart race? what would you risk every beat for?


Love for Lines 7: DIY Pentagram

Happy October.
Step 1: Do Your Math
Step 2: Draw Out Pentagram
Step 3: Lay Down Masking Tape
Step 4: Paint
Step 5: ENJOY! (as decor, worship, etc.)


Love for Lines 6

you should go see junior boys tonight at the el rey because i can't. the flu has gotten the best of me. )=

ai sister's strand stroll

all this rain today and yesterday makes it hard to believe we were at the beach last week.

we had a break between meetings and naturally, we hit the strand for a quick stroll. 

fish tacos for lunch. an absolutely perfect sunny southern california day.


Rainy Los Angeles...

Yes, it is true. Rain has come to quench those thirsty mountain fires.

sun & earth

was doing some research for a story and stumbled upon this fascinating image of the sun and the earth. the sun is the bright orange glow and the earth is that dot inside the spider thingamabob.

sweetness while climbing up up up and above the clouds!

greeted by the sweetest pouch pooch on my way up
the devil's backbone trail, 10,000 ft spire above the clouds.


If The Van's A Rockin' Don't Come A Knockin'

we crammed about nineteen grown adults in this eleven seater van. (half of group not pictured)
it's what you do when you turn 30 according to ryan. they say 30 is the new 20 or is it the new black or is it the new ---uhhh, never mind. the wild summer spirit lives on through fall.


I Can't Fight This Feeling

We can't decide if we like the song or the video better. Amazing.


hundertwasser hungry today


Love for Lines 5

couldn't help it. here's another toast to lines on the oh so sexy miss jane fonda.