saigon shimmy


 we're soaking up the electro-dynamic energy of the city of moto-bikes and street food stalls! we're overjoyed with the amount of fine quality silk fabrics we're finding. we toured through a hot and steamy Cho Lon for what seemed to be an endless selection of buttons and trims. we've taken a moto-bike lesson and are well on way to being a part of the rolling party. we're just smitten with the people, food, culture and are both trying to figure out how to live here part time.  oh, and we had the great pleasure of attending our cousin's wedding. so much fun!



Came across this at a taco joint.
If only everyone had the ability to express themselves this way.
To the point, and direct.
If only.
You tell'em!

Oh Rodney!

Look who ran into Mayor of the Sunset Strip!
Here's an oldie but goodie. too rad of photos not to be shared!
Say hello to Mr. Rodney Bingenheimer aka Rodney on the ROQ!!!!


vietnam vernacular


the los angeles sun sets before 5 pm
because it is what it is; the world turns, the earth orbits, seasons change, and voila an earlier sunset


But... there's something I must confess....

R Kelly -  Bump N Grind

12 PLAY made 1993 a better year.

Tonight we celebrate the genius of R. Kelly.

This song's dedicated to you,  Amy Nicholson!


bodies, spirits and ghouls gather

may the powers from below sanctify you wholly
shiver me timbers! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
egghhhhhhh-----------where're 'em river pigs?
fashion luminaries; mr. lagerfeld, donatella and rachel zoe
graciously make an appearance!
a laker girl schmoozes on.
sweatin' to the oldies!!
octomom-she brought the whole family
jazz hands
bloody soup de slime
narco-saint, j. malverde and space creatures celebrate