Love for Lines 2, 3, 4

Moscow Subway Station - inspired our zigzag skirt 
Kedar Naik's GLIDE chair - yes, we believe less is more
Arne Quinze's Installation - let's stick together

Love for Lines

feeling inspired by the simplicity of a line. feeling inspired by the intricacy of lines, lines, lines.


the los angeles weather is lovely, sunny and bright --- there's even a mild breeze coming through our studio windows but my mind drifts towards a rainy day off the coast of maui.


john is all grown up now! all those years of punking him around have recently stopped. please see the photo above. john can officially kick both of his sister's butts. elizabeth got kicked into the nearest carousel and carol is on her way!!!!!!! watch out.


AI FOR AI IS HERE!!! info@aiforai.com

Thank you for helping us create this logo, Blake E. Marquis. You are so very talented.