Featherbeard over s'mores in Valencia! -

Ai sisters love you Joy Joy! What a fun night in song underneath California stars and skies.


master of the obvious part II

M.O.T.O Part II: yes, life in the universe is beautiful!

old buttons - new memories

Came across this image of a colorful bunch of buttons while surfing the web --- and felt compelled to share it. These individual pieces of wonderfulness and utility are saved and sometimes forgotten but remain useful if we choose to remember and use them. As they get loose or fall off of our clothes we treat them like most memories - put away for a rainy day. They are gathered and collected from garments we wear and love -- to pieces. Here we are in the AI FOR AI studio making our samples - sometimes with these loose pieces of thread, buttons, and a few ideas from our memories to create our vision of the future. We hope you get to wear and share until the things you love begin to fray and tear and make new memories of their own like we do.

photo: nicole rigets


The Love Below

We're in the studio in an Outkast kind of mood today. Love this album so much. xo