childhood C R U S H E S...

What better time than during the holidays to have sweet nostalgic memories of the ones we used to dream of kissing and holding tight before we ever even had our first REAL kisses. We went down memory lane and collected some babelicious images of our childhood crushes. Remember buying NKOTB bubblegum at the ice cream trucks? Trapper Keepers with Zack Morris on it? Pleather purses with Michael Jackson? MJ Fox t-shirts? We fondly look back to those innocent times and after going through all those old photos --- we sorta think these flames in our hearts are never going out!  Pine pine pine away, girls!!!



we're really inspired by purple things. mostly because of the artist formerly known as prince's sonic masterpiece, Purple Rain. don't know if it's a seasonal thing but P.R. sure does sound good in this cold weather.  we did some research on the color deep purple and one of the first things that came up was this;



It's not about Turkey! It's about our fine feathered friends. Thank you!

AI FOR AI is very thankful to our friends and family for making 2010 amazingly fun and rewarding for us in our first year in the business of playing dress up. Thank you for all of the collaborations, support and love.

We could not have done this without each and every one of you! THANK YOU & WE LOVE YOU!

Sample Sale Shopping Party!!! Thank you!

Thanks for stopping by friends. We had a really great time with our designer gals! BIG Hugs to Unearthen, Hansel from Basel, LD Tuttle, Annie Costello Brown, Wren, Alexandra Cassaniti and Me & Arrow!


AI FOR AI - spring/summer rtw 2011 - behind the scenes

Art Installation & S/S 2011 AI FOR AI muse:

Art Direction: Noah Olmsted
Stylists: Jessica Loria & Kelly Williams
Hair Stylist: Tara Jean Mann
Make-up Artist: Eliven Quiros
Music: Bobby Evans & Boom Bip
Coordinator: Audrey Dallas Petenbrink
Magician: Ben Wong
Models: Mearii, Julie Ann, Constance, Roxanne, Brittany, Stella, Amanda and Alex

last but not least - the most awesome hosts in the world - Shop Epic - Tristan Scott & Rhianon Jones


Mercedes Helnwein in November 2010 NYLON magazine!

Our girl Mercedes is on fire!!!
Don't miss her Beck hosted show at the Merry Karnowsky gallery November 13, 2010!!




Sneak Peak - S/S 2011 - Ai for Ai - Astral Travel


AI FOR AI - Spring/Summer 2011 - Astral Travel
Photographer: Meredith Jenks www.meredithjenks.com
Photo Assistant: Yee Ie
Artist/Model: Owen Schmit www.owenschmit.com
Hair: Amber Maynard
Hake-up: Eliven Quiros
Stylists: Jessica & Kelly www.jessicaandkelly.com


Featherbeard over s'mores in Valencia! -

Ai sisters love you Joy Joy! What a fun night in song underneath California stars and skies.


master of the obvious part II

M.O.T.O Part II: yes, life in the universe is beautiful!

old buttons - new memories

Came across this image of a colorful bunch of buttons while surfing the web --- and felt compelled to share it. These individual pieces of wonderfulness and utility are saved and sometimes forgotten but remain useful if we choose to remember and use them. As they get loose or fall off of our clothes we treat them like most memories - put away for a rainy day. They are gathered and collected from garments we wear and love -- to pieces. Here we are in the AI FOR AI studio making our samples - sometimes with these loose pieces of thread, buttons, and a few ideas from our memories to create our vision of the future. We hope you get to wear and share until the things you love begin to fray and tear and make new memories of their own like we do.

photo: nicole rigets


The Love Below

We're in the studio in an Outkast kind of mood today. Love this album so much. xo


grizzly bear-two weeks video...not just any video...

but one made by a fan. AMAZING cute-sie ANIMATION!


Two Great LA Art Shows @ *Subliminal Projects* & *Giant Robot*

APRIL 10, 2010 - MAY 8, 2010 - There's an exhibition of female artists, SUBJECT/SUBJECT, benefiting the Downtown Women's Center at Subliminal Projects in Echo Park

In the photo above is the extraordinary Kime Buzzelli (one of the featured artists in the show) standing in front of one of her paintings.  We've been fans of her work for sometime now. She has an awesome blog you should check out here: www.themoldydoily.typepad.com 

APRIL 10, 2010 - MAY 5, 2010 - Here's another show we got the chance to check out at Giant Robot - LIVING SPACE, new works by John Pham