AI FOR AI - spring/summer rtw 2011 - behind the scenes

Art Installation & S/S 2011 AI FOR AI muse:

Art Direction: Noah Olmsted
Stylists: Jessica Loria & Kelly Williams
Hair Stylist: Tara Jean Mann
Make-up Artist: Eliven Quiros
Music: Bobby Evans & Boom Bip
Coordinator: Audrey Dallas Petenbrink
Magician: Ben Wong
Models: Mearii, Julie Ann, Constance, Roxanne, Brittany, Stella, Amanda and Alex

last but not least - the most awesome hosts in the world - Shop Epic - Tristan Scott & Rhianon Jones

1 comment:

  1. Out of the mists
    A new vision arises
    Even with eyes closed
    You see more then most
    AI For AI are you
    Your beauty so True
    As to blind us
    With your light