The end of 2009 took us abroad to some good food, good friends and hard work... We were lucky to come back to the states to so much holiday love and high spirits. 2010 is pretty amazing so far. Here's a quick look back for us...

view from hk's peak!
our lungs stay fresh and clean with these swell face accessories.
saigon street food. somebody's grandma makes some awesome noodle soup.
our little cousin's astronaut is in the second one from the right in the second row!! blast off!!
that's the munchkin's sparkly star above their heads.
gettin' fresh with me?
love the smell of pine, apple cider and pumkin pie.
carol and mr. che are trying to get away from that guy behind them. that fine salesman eventually convinces them and twelve of their friends to go and get drunk at the buffalo bar.
an over 21 karaoke birthday and tiny tot video game birthday!
abatecola can cook a mean pre new years gnocchi!!
tucked away in an alley side building in saigon.
uh, yeah, there are holiday raves in vietnam!
eating five times a day from the street vendors can make you little tired. blogging about it is making me crave a steaming bowl of bun bo hue!!
dinner at home in hong kong. spicy spicy spicy crab noodles in the center there... watch out!
thanks for taking us around town, jeffy! see you in the spring!

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